We can provide services for all types of residential projects, including but not limited to:

  • New single family homes
  • New multi-family homes
  • New secondary suites
  • Garages
  • Tiny houses
  • Renovations or additions to your existing home

Once you have established the type of project you would like to embark on, we can begin work on your design.

First Meeting

Our initial consultation is a free of charge. During this meeting we will discuss your proposed project’s goals and possibilities and establish our compatibility as a team. 

Site Assessment

Site assessment is an important first step in any building project. We will review your property to ensure it is suitable to the proposed project. Lot size and shape, street access, and municipal bylaws are just a few things that we review before making a recommendation.

Preparing Drawings

With your continued input throughout, we create unique drawings for your approval to submit for permitting.

Development and Building Permit Application

Superior works with both the client and the city to adapt the project to adhere to the regulations of the build location. We act as the point of contact with permitting departments in order to make the permitting process as seamless as possible for our client. This includes both development and building permits.

Support Through the Building Process

Our customer support does not end with the handing over of drawings! We continue to act as the client’s liaison with the city as the project progresses to occupancy. If desired, we can help you select a suitable builder and work with them throughout construction to adapt the designs as required.

Reviving Stalled Projects

Superior Drafting & Design is usually able to step in at any point in a stalled project that was originally initiated by others. With our guidance and expertise we can provide whatever services are necessary to regain momentum.

For a quote, please contact us.