We can provide services for a wide variety of commercial projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Tenant improvements
    • Restaurant
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Medical clinic
  • New buildings
    • Carwash
    • Bottle depot
    • Warehouse
    • Industrial use
  • Renovations
    • Exterior updates
    • As-built (drawings for existing buildings)
    • Mezzanines/second floor

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is a free of charge. During this meeting we will discuss your proposed project’s goals and possibilities and establish our compatibility as a team.

Site Assessment

Site assessment is especially important in commercial builds, as an inappropriate site could be the downfall of an otherwise successful business plan. We have a great deal of experience assessing site suitability. We will help review your property for size, shape, setbacks, traffic access and flow; including crossings turning radiuses and parking requirements. These are just a few of the things that we look at to assess a property's suitably for your particular project.

Preparing Drawings

With input from you, we create drawings to submit for permitting.


Superior works with the client and the city to adapt the project to adhere to the regulations of the build location. We act as the point of contact with permitting departments in order to make the permitting process as seamless as possible for our client. This includes both development and building permits.

Support Through the Building Process

This includes continuing to act as the client’s liaison to the city as the project progresses to occupancy. We are able to support the client through the process of selecting a suitable builder, and work with them to adapt the designs as required through the evolution of the project.

Reviving Stalled Projects

Superior Drafting & Design is usually able to step in at any point in a stalled project that was originally initiated by others. With our guidance and expertise we can provide what-ever services are necessary to regain momentum.

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