About Us

Proven Performance

Established in 1990 by Bruce Summers, Superior Drafting & Design’s experience with a variety of project types across North America allows us to integrate functional, technical, and aesthetic design elements that achieve the best possible results. We work closely with our clients, building a relationship that allows us to better understand their needs and create designs that best suit their requirements.

Industry Leader

We have a proven track record of outstanding customer service, and as a result, referrals and repeat clients are a mainstay of our business. We draft the best in distinctive and affordable residential and commercial designs, and have become recognized through our proven performance in the car wash industry as one of the premier designers in Western Canada.

Empowering Our Clients

By allowing our clients to retain control of their designs, they are able to make the important decision regarding the planning and construction of their project. By using their drawings when obtaining quotes from contractors, clients will get consistent pricing, helping them to determine what company is best suited to their needs and budget. Although the client is in control of the decision making, we are there to guide and support the them through the entire building process, including selecting a contractor, permitting, and construction.

Superior can provide as much support as you require. From site selection through concept design, development permit application, building permit application and occupancy. Superior is not a builder but can help you find one who can meet your needs.